Saturday, May 25, 2024


In order to qualify for funding, all applicants must meet the Absolute Funding Requirements.  Failure to meet these requirements will result in the application being ineligible for funding.

Who we will fund

Funds will go towards local registered charities for a specific project or program, equipment and/or resources that are shown to benefit the communities of Kitimat and/or Kitamaat Village. The criteria for funding and the amount of funding available is determined by the Kitimat Community Foundation Board (KCF) on an annual basis.  In making these determinations the KCF Board will be assessing community needs and prioritizing the use of KCF funds to meet these needs.

It is important to acknowledge the KCF Board is committed to recognizing the history of ACT funding in our community and supporting those historically funded by the Aluminum City Telethon (ACT). The Kitimat Community Foundation Board of Directors may, on occasion, identify a particular focus or target group towards which grants should be directed during a grant cycle.

For this coming year, a particular focus has not been determined. The Kitimat Community Foundation can provide funding in the following areas:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Arts and Culture
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Local Environment
  • Social Services

1.1 Preference will be given to those projects that:

  1. Have broad public appeal.
  2. Are widely accessible to the community
  3. Promote and enhance self-sufficiency within the community
  4. Emphasize and utilize the skills and resources that exist in the community
  5. Strengthen the social and cultural structure of the community
  6. Demonstrate partnership and collaboration
  7. Have a definite purpose for a specific period of time

1.2  The Board seeks initiatives which will:

  1. Enhance the community structure
  2. Involve individuals, groups, and organizations in the community
  3. Recognize the abilities, skills, and resources that exist in the community
  4. Respond creatively and effectively to local problems and challenges
  5. Collaborate, facilitate and cooperate for the benefit of the community
  6. Strengthen the social networks within the community and the commitment of its members to care for one another
  7. Build on the community’s social capital and civic vitality


Must meet eligibility criteria of being a qualified donee as defined by the Canada Revenue Agency. Community organizations, which are registered charities or qualified donees under the Income Tax Act, are eligible to apply for grants from the Foundation. Qualified donees are registered charities, a registered Canadian athletic association, a corporation providing low cost housing for the aged, a Canadian municipality, the UN and its agencies, some universities outside of Canada, a charity outside of Canada to which Canada has made a recent gift, Her Majesty in right of Canada or a Province. For the Kitimat Community Foundation the following criteria are also applied:

  • Be a BC Registered Charitable Organization
  • Carry out its mandate within the District of Kitimat and/or Kitamaat Village, B.C.
  • Not transfer the funds or assets purchased with grant funds to another agency or society.
  • Submit a report outlining how previously received funds were spent.
  • Complete applications by the scheduled deadline.

For more information, please see the Grant Application Forms page on this website.